Professional it Consulting & services


It solutions and services


Roroe consulting offers to take away the headache and problems often associated with an IT project. We offer assistance in deciding the right materials to accomplish any of your company's needs big or small. 

Desktop support

We understand at Roroe that keeping your business up is all that matters so no project or question is ever too small. We are here to answer any questions that you may have or any problems you may run into with printers, workstations, desktops, or any other computer related product.

IT management Services

We understand that without a sufficient and powerful IT system your company will not be able to run. So we offer complete and comprehensive monitoring support of your company and if needed will be able to come onsite. As technology becomes more advanced we here at Roroe Consulting are constantly increasing our knowledge to up-to-date on the latest and greatest new technologies to offer. 

We know that any IT project is stressful but we here at Roroe look forward to helping to provide the best and accurate solution to you. We offer many other services that may not have been listed so we incourage you to give us a call at your next IT need and let us help provide a solution. 

Backup solutions

We can provide backup solutions within any time frame that you may wish. We will make sure that in a case where a backup is needed, it will be there. These backup services will run at the time increments that you wish and will be monitored by our knowledgeable IT staff so you can have the ease of mind that you will not lose anything.

Virtual solutions

Virtual solutions is just one of Roroe's many specialties. We offer many virtual solutions to bring your company to the next level.

Roroe Consulting and professional IT Services offers a wide range of services for any size business big or small. We understand that without a stable IT system your company will not be able to run properly or efficiently. So here at Roroe we look to provide assistance to any computing need whether it be normal desktop support, backup solutions,  IT projects such as new servers, cloud computing, or any other computer system related needs or purchases. 

We offer remote support and if needed will come onsite to complete any project. We value and understand the needs of any computer system and will get any company big or small to the next level of IT infrastructure. We look to take away the stress and headache that comes with an IT task so you can focus more on what's important to your company. 

Hosted exchange

We can offer hosted exchange services to any size company. We will guide you through the process and setup what you have in mind.